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OpenWII Debugged

Made my very own openwii version including debug routines. So i added a another status led to the chiip design and also added IO lines to the ATmega SIO pins. So now i have a drive chip which prints debug info via a serial line. So everybody who want to understand the dvd drive patching can watch this in serial console. The debug code retrieves the media status flag and prints some other status flags.


download source

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Fuckin awesome SID podcast

Wow cool stuff, a podcast playing only real awesome SID stuff, including some newer SID stuff from the last few years. No lamers talking inbetween just chiptunes. Great ! Check it out 8bit Mayhem

BTW my favorite tunes:

  • JCH – Chordian
  • Rob Hubbard – Lightforce
  • DRAX – Bombastic
  • Rob Hubbard – Commando
  • Jeroen Tel – Cybernoid II
  • Rob Hubbard – Delta
  • DRAX – Depressed
  • Mitch & Dane – Gloria
  • DRAX – Disco Zax
  • Edwin van Santen – Edwin’s Dream
  • Michael Hendriks – FAME
  • JCH – Hawaii
  • Martin Galway – Miami Vice
  • Edwin van Santen – Phalanx
  • David Whittaker – Red Max
  • Chris Hülsbeck – Ski Dance
  • Juha-Matti Hilpinen – SYS4096
  • Maybe i should code a PSP based SID compilation demo…

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    Gnuboy AALib

    This is really usefull, isn’t it. Made a video driver for gnuboy based on aalib. The sound it actually done by sdl lib. But i don’t care about sound to much because this thingy is meant to be played via telnet. So hook up the aagnuboy binary into xinted and have fun.

    service aagnuboy
        disable         = no
        flags           = REUSE
        socket_type     = stream
        wait            = no
        user            = root
        log_on_failure += USERID
        port            = 1989
        server          = /usr/local/bin/aagnuboy 
        server_args     = /usr/local/games/roms/ 
        log_type        = SYSLOG daemon info


    download gnuboy

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