Memory Visualizer for BSNES

Some time ago i saw this Memory Visualizer for Frodo and Vice C64 Emulator . I got inspired to do something simular for the SNES. I took this idea an hacked it right into BSNES. Right now i have 2 fields representing the WRAM and the VRAM of the SNES. So it displays different colors for read and write access to the memory areas. Due fading this generates some color blending effects. This is just a quick hack which was lying on my hd for some months. So its based BSNES version 0.59 , which is know a little outdated. It would need some more polishing and a better solution to display the 2 Ram areas. The GL cubes look a little lame. Also the emulator performance is not quite there so that the roms a little bit slow.


Memory Visualizer for BSNES