Ledmatrix RG(B) Display ?

Finally we want to do something useful with the Ledmatrix. The ultimate Project would be an Gameboy Display sized RGB thingy. But this is too complex and can’t be done with a few and cheap parts.

Lets say you go for 160×144 Pixel, so this makes 90 panel you would have to feed which data and have to be powered up. If you would take an Atmega88 to drive 2 panels, which is realistic speaking of ram and CPU power. Doing 25 frames and 16 sub-frames each for the PWM. The display driver would be really stupid and just receive data from an PC via Serial or USB. If one driver got his data to display a frame it would stop reading and just forward the data to the next display driver. So all the data processing is done on the PC side. But then you would end up daisy chaining 45 Atmega88.

This can’t be done with Serial IO or SPI anymore.The bandwidth is not high enough to feed all the data thru the chain and still have a good framerate. So bye bye mPlayer plugin and gnuboy. Maybe this can be done via USB, but you would need more than one channels. Yeah no problem just use a hub, but then you would get bad syncing problems.
End of the line, can’t be done with such a simple approach.

Peaking at other projects, this could be fun but also needs a lot parts and time.
Since the panels only have red and green channels it doesn’t seem worth the effort.



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