New iTunes and iPhoto importer

I updated my iTunes and iPhoto import scripts. Added Growl feedback and some hacks to handle iTunes performance problems, some iTunes really gets slow and i had to add timeut exception handling.
So just call this from the terminal:

python -d /media/mp3s -r -p

Where all Mp3 Files below the path get imorted to iTunes and playlists get created. The playlist’s name depends on the subfolder structure below the import path. If u have arranged your stuff like /media/mp32/artist/album, u get a proper playlist name “Artist – Album”

The other script is just a bulk importer for iPhoto.

python -d /media/photos -r

Where all pictures below the path are imported and each subfolder yields an new album in iPhoto. Quite simple and less pain if u have to import a huge photo collection. Tried to use Automator for this, but he outcome wasn’t so good.

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