Stupid Fritzbox DNS

Since my DSL provider’s DNS updates are really slow i wanted to switch to opendns, which is a good a idea anyways. But wtf i cant change the default dns in my fritzbox. No way to do it via the web admin. Ok why bother i said to my self and went for the shortcut. To find out that Leopard is buggy and u cant unassign the default dns on the Airport device, its simply greyed out. Bummer!

So do it the old school way and editet the resolv.conf. Where nslookup and dig seem to eat this but Firefox and Safari seem to give a flying fuck about this. Even Network pref.panes doesnt seem so sync againt resolv.conf. Seems to be a know problem to the people at the opendns forums.
Ok went back to the fritzbox, and found a way to force the dns via the a config file. Just fillin this:

overwrite_dns1 =;
overwrite_dns2 =;

Used a java tool to pull and push the config directly from the box. Take a look here

Ja…funny. How easy u can spend an hour in front of a computer, just to take a shortcut for the slow dns cache update…

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