Toying with a Juicebox

Got a new Toy. It’s a Juicebox from Mattel, a kids video and mp3 player. Actually it’s a linux based and has Samsung S3C44B0 ARM CPU, 8MB Flash and 2MB Ram. Since it has JTAG Pinouts you can use it as a really cheap ARM Dev Board. You can’t get one for around $10 at ebay. You find a lot of good info here.

Made some LCD test stuff, a 3d starfield and a simple fire demo. This code runs directly on the hardware not on top of the build-in linux. You need a JTAG cable to download the code directly into the RAM.

I’m using openocd for this:

load_binary lcd_3.bin 0x0c001000 
resume 0x0c001000


download source

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