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Nokia 6100 GLCD Port for Epson based Displays

Last updated on 2023-05-20

Ported the glcd lib to the Epson based Nokia LCDs. I tried to leave the code portable so that you can switch between the Epson and the Philips controller via a #define switch.

Actually i only changed the lowlevel hw access and init functions to deal with the Epson controller. Currently native screen rotation is implemented but i didn’t work on the hardware scrolling stuff. May i’ll do this later.


download source


  1. Hey Optixx,

    Been browsing your site, Very Neat! I’ve always wished I had the capability to produce some of the mods?/hacks? you have come up with.

    How did you come about this? What did you study?


    P.s feel free to drop us a note @ the supplied address

  2. Hi Sir
    How can be used Atmega128?I can’ to compile with mega128.That code error in “UCSRB” undeclared


  3. Administrator Administrator

    You have change some stuff:
    o tweak Makefile ( -mmcu=atmega128 )
    o since m128 has more than 1 serial line you have to change the sio
    routines in uart.c to match the m128 hw defines

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