PMP Mod M4g3 Bugfixes

Some bugfixe an tweaks in this version

  • Urlencode filenames, so that files with special chars do work now.
  • Made video info a global list, so that playlist surfing avoids re-polling the video header.
  • Added fstat and stat calls to net_io, so that remote files show info like filesize and mtime.
  • Added the network throughput of the last read call to the OSD.


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26 thoughts on “PMP Mod M4g3 Bugfixes”

  1. sorry please don´t get me wrong, i don´t wanna complain but i can´t see any file info like filesize. more important for me i either can´t see the network throughput.

  2. The server script doesnt work on Windows XP x64 because:

    platform.system() == ‘Microsoft’

    not ‘Windows’ as it is in the x86 version

  3. Good work ! Is working ;o)
    Now make faster data transfer for higher bitrate in fastes scenes ;o), support for titles and realtime encoder for videocast = voala PSP is better TV station on the world ;o)

    is working withoput problems in lo bitrate scenes, but in bigger bitrate is droping audio. Is solvable problm ? better optimalization ? faster cpu speed ? or is hw limit of PSP ?

    one suggestion: it would be best make switch in gui for WIFI ON/OFF and SWITCH between more wifi profiles. ;o)

  4. Buffering support should help with the skippy playback unless that is already implemented.

  5. great program, nice job, I got it working streaming, all files without space. Thanks. sorry I don’t see the network files size .

  6. cptmarginal

    I wonder if it is possible for someone to create an app that will encode video on demand to a pmp file that can be streamed to this. Seems like it would be possible, but probably wouldn’t work on my slow-ass computer…

  7. cptmarginal

    BTW, the app is working perfectly. I can even see the length and resolution info for my files now, although not the size & date (as in the above screenshot). All that really matters is my files encoded at 512 with 128 for the audio are streaming perfect, though I’ve only tested it from right next to my access point so far. I’ll give it another shot later from my bedroom and see how it goes. This program kicks unholy ass…

  8. is there a chance of getting this BRILLIANT piece of software conpatible with the streaming-output features of VLC? (

  9. Hello World! is anyone working on a “Dummies” guide?…I lost …I get all sorts of errors…can someone PLEASE put together a guide how to set up the server on a PC and what I am to do with the PSP networking(WIFI) settings

  10. ok so i cant get mine to connect to the server. it does load to the player screen and lists my pmp thats on the ms. i have the server running and setup. my ini file was also modified and setup. my access point has no port forwarding options so it might be the port 3333 part thats doing it. anyone have any ideas? i tried using my internal ip and external ip(i have to use external for pspradio) in the ini file. neither works.

    heres the error
    net_io_listdir: http://externaliphere:3333/listdir?path=&size=8191
    net_id_listdir: couldnt connect to server

  11. @ Yanky

    Using Windows? If so and you have Windows firewall enabled, maybe port 3333 is being blocked?

    In general from my experience, one internal machine to another should always use internal addressing which bypasses the port forwarding on the router. So the only thing that should block access should be firewall software. Not sure why you would want to go to an outside address to simply route back in over your router to the machine???

    On *NIX I’m not to sure, as I tend to use that platform only from time to time, though the same rules should apply. I’m a gamer by nature and Windows just makes all that hub-bub easier.

  12. For the Mac, two things
    1) Make the edits to the python script FIRST, because in 10.4.4 it makes an applet out of the python script. You can modify the settings but you have to right click and get into the “” package that is created, the original .py won’t get you anywhere after that point. To modify the original py, right click and open with textedit.

    2) Use the following in the python script for the movie directory;


  13. cool thanks Harbinger… got it going!

    So how do encode apmp file on the mac… 🙂

  14. apple mac,
    I am working on an OS X solution, I think it will be combining output from FFMPEGX and routing it through the pmp muxing perl script. If not maybe a nice simple GUI front end for the perl script will be the last part of a conversion process. Of course then we’ll all want an automator setup file to get it all done with a single click. 😉

  15. Giskard2k4

    Followed the install to the letter, I can view files but without the filesize/Date/duration as in the picture. It plays the PMP’s but jitters quite a lot…even with reduced bit rates, even down to 384/96 & reduced screen size.
    Just wondering if it is just Windows users who are suffering from this & NIX are fine?
    I am on a Windows XP Media Center system with 64 Sempron…just in case this makes a difference.

  16. I got the Mac process to work, the German author is translating his tutorial over the weeekend. I’m currently trying to make an Automator Workflow for the whole muxing process.

    Anyone have a rundown of bitrate limitations while streaming?

  17. Lazertag:

    im using windows 2k so no internal firewall and no firewall software. it just never makes a connection with the access point. theres no other info so im not sure why it does it. if i use a diff wifi prog i can connect just fine, like pspradio.

  18. cptmarginal

    It works perfectly here on XP SP2, no stuttering at all ever. My files are 512/128, but I tried a 768 file and it worked great too, but it probably wasn’t a long enough clip to know if that kind of quality is viable for streaming a whole movie. I opened up port 3333 on my router just in case, but honestly it was working perfect even before that. There is no bitrate limitation to this program, it’s all up to your particular wireless setup.

    I have a D-Link DI-614+ router, by the way.

    Here’s a tip that might help people, something I just remembered: When I was running the server on python for windows, it stuttered all the time. Run with python.exe from a command prompt and see how it works for you. Mine became flawless instantly as soon as I did this.

  19. how do I run pmp_server with python.exe in command prompt? I can open python.exe but not sure on how to execute the file.

  20. cptmarginal

    Copy the file to your Python directory (probably c:\python24). Make a new text file and name it pmp.bat then right click on this file and go to edit.
    Paste in this:


    Then close it and save. Now you can just make a shortcut to that .bat file and run it whenever you want to start the PMP server. Hope that helps.

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