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New Kbtsco Release

Last updated on 2023-05-20

A new Kbtsco release is available. Did some small tweaks.

  • Added Channel Forcing via Configure Menu. Some people reported having problems with the channel
    auto dedection, so that it’s now possible to asign the channel manually.
  • Added Cancel Menu item to interrupt the connect process, in case somebody hits the Connect button
    when no headset is available.
  • Switched Build System from Autotools to bksys.



  1. Njeudy Njeudy

    I think your tar.gz is wrong, when I unpack this, I only have symbolic link in src directory.

    Can you upload the tar.gz again ?

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Administrator Administrator

    Nope, i tried it. Only one symlink in the tarball which points to /usr/bin/scons. Can’t follow your problem.

  3. Alex Alex

    Thank you for your program.

    I am getting the following error. If I run the program and I pair the device I am able to get the program and my headset to connect. But once I disconnect and reconnect, I get Authorisation error from kbluetoothd and i need to re-pair in order to make in run.


  4. Alex Alex


    I am using a HHB-600 Siemens headset. This headset connects to the RFComm channel once I press a button. The original btsco program takes in account this, but kbtsco seems to try to connect the rfchannel by it self, and an error occurs

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