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Loundness filter for BlueMp3

Last updated on 2023-05-20

I wrote an extension to the BlueMp3 firmware. Now you can use an loudness filter on the mp3-player. After reading the VS1001 specs, the BlueMp3 mp3-decoder, i noticed that it’s possbile to upload code to the dsp.This code can manipulate the current mp3 stream, so perfect for a loundness filter. I worked through the VS1001 application note and wrote some routines to upload that VS1001 code to the chip. Then i integrated that routines into the BlueMp3 firmware. There is patch available for the 1.8 firmware but also the binary 2.5 firmware includes the loundness filter code.

patch firmware 1.8

patch client 1.8

binary 2.4

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