Psplink SIO Cable

Got my SIO Cable for Psplink working. A Great tool for every PSP Developer. I used this document to build my own SIO Cable. Building the cable is really easy. You only need a MAX3232 and a few capacitors. I think you can also use a MAX232 (which is cheaper) but you have to lower voltage to 2,5 on TX to PSP. Since i wasn’t able to build a homebrew PSP serial connector i cut off the connector from the psp headphones…




PMP Mod M4g3 Bugfixes

Some bugfixe an tweaks in this version

  • Urlencode filenames, so that files with special chars do work now.
  • Made video info a global list, so that playlist surfing avoids re-polling the video header.
  • Added fstat and stat calls to net_io, so that remote files show info like filesize and mtime.
  • Added the network throughput of the last read call to the OSD.


Picture 1



PMP Mod M4g3 Windows Server

Did a little debugging under XP in Vmware. Found one bottleneck and an error. Seems that the python sendresponse http method is kind of slow under windows, so added a simple hack. Also you have to use O_BINARY ( what is this shit…) for lowlevel fileio under Windows. Was able to stream a DVD from the Vmware Windows. No Stutter, everything smooth.Hope that Windows User are happy now 😉


PMP Mod M4g3 Binary

Made a binary release of the network enabled PMP Mod M4g3 media player. Since i don’t use Windows i can’t deliver an windows tested pmp server script.

Some Tips and Tricks:

  • Use an static ip address
  • Double check your PSP WIFI Setug
  • Choose which WIFI Setup to use and the edit con flag in pmp.ini, which is an index to your WIFI Setup, so first WIFI config implies con=0;
  • Check your remote server script with wget or curl
  • Enable the debug flag in pmp.ini
  • Stay close to your Access Point if you Test for the first time.