AspeQt for OSX

2 years ago i started to transfer my old Atari 800 XL software from the 28 years old “5,25 disk to ATR images on my laptop. But i was never happy with the setup using a windows program in a vm to do the transfer. I found AspeQt which is opensource, but it did not support OSX. So i started to add an serial driver with OSX support to it. And then forget about it. Till recently when i got an email from the AspeQt maintainer Ray who asked about the state of my github repo. Since i want OSX support in the mainline, i picked the lastest version of AspeQt to update my repo, which already got a little stale. Then i found out that is a pain in the ass to run QT4.8 on Maverick, there is no offical package and building from source you end up in patch hell.

So i decided to move my branch of AspeQt to QT5.2, which was pretty straight forward.

QtCreator is not a great editor but does the job



AspeQt on OSX

AspeQt on OSX

AspeQt on OSX

Found some cool stuff on my disks

Software from the 80ies

Software from the 80ies


  1. This looks very interesting! I’m having some difficulty building it, though… qmake followed by make, either from the command line or within Qt Creator, results in header files not being found. An example error message:

    /Users/russ/dev/git/aspeqt/ui_mainwindow.h:14: error: ‘QtGui/QAction’ file not found


    There’s probably a missing include path or such, but I don’t know much about Qt, so I don’t really know how to satisfy the dependency.

    Have you got any advice? I’d really love to kick the emulator off my Mac.


  2. Hi Russel,
    thanks a lot for your efforts! I ran against many walls when trying to compile AspeQt on my Mavericks Mac, so I was really happy to find about your solution – only to find out that it would not start on my Mac, it crashes with the following error:
    Dyld Error Message:
    Library not loaded: /Users/david/Devel/tech/qt/5.2.1/clang_64/lib/QtPrintSupport.framework/Versions/5/QtPrintSupport
    Referenced from: /Users/USER/Downloads/
    Reason: image not found

    Any idea why this happens? It seems to look for QtPrintSupport in /Users/david/… which obviously does not exist on my Mac :). I have installed qt4-mac via MacPorts as well as XCode.
    Any help is highly appreciated!

  3. …ok, got it working via this workaround:
    1. Installed Qt 5.2.1 from (only the clang packet is necessary to select)
    2. As user root, I created the necessary directory via
    mkdir -p /Users/david/Devel/tech
    3. and then made a symbolical link to my Qt-installation (adjust to your individual setup accordingly):
    ln -s /Users/frederik/Qt/ /Users/david/Devel/tech/qt
    Then AspeQt finally started, yay :)!

  4. Hi Administrator, I’ve tried and tried and I can’t get your Aspeqt to work. I’ve installed QT (5.4 and 5.2.1) clang only and it crashes out for me every time. I’m running Yosemite 10.10.3, made the symbolic link, no go. Any chance of a new compile that might work on Yosemite please? Many thanks. Jim

  5. Hello!
    I have installed El Capitan, but the file doesn’t work. It crashes every time I try to run it. Any solution for this? I have the SIO2USB from Lotharek …

  6. and sierra version??? or high sierra? i have sio2usb from lotharek
    can i use with the windows version and Codeweavers Cross Over?
    i have original cross over run many windows app

    please make sierra compatible binary

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